Bali December 2016

Welcome to Bali December 2016

This our third visit to Bali and the country never fails to deliver on all fronts.


Great weather

Amazing Beaches

Lovable locals


As a couple, we tend not to plan too much, we just book the flights and the first couple of evenings accommodation and then simply enjoy the ride. That said, you do have to think about packing. For Larch and I, we decided to travel around Bali on a Motorbike PICTURE, which meant that the luggage space was at an absolute premium. You, however may decide to do things differently, but here is how we did it:

To begin with, we had to decide upon the best back pack for us. Our decision-making criteria was as follows:


Size, is after all, important, isn’t it?

We wanted our luggage to remain with us always, so the correct size for overhead storage was the first consideration. This, as it turns out, for Economy class is, one piece, not to exceed 7 KG (15lb) with maximum dimensions of 50x37x25cm each.

So, after many hours of searching, the list was narrowed.


This was our next consideration. There are a few things that you need to think about.

  • Ease of access, you don’t want something that resembles a rucksack e.g. top loading, because whatever you need, will, annoyingly, be at the bottom of the bag, (that’s just how life is).
  • So, taking the above into consideration, we decided on a flat fill system. This means that you can lay your pack flat on the floor and open the flap to reveal everything that’s in the pack, (easy to get to).
  • Storage of your media devices. We made the decision that we were going to take, an iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro, chargers and leads etc. So, a secure, padded easy to access area was essential.
  • Comfort, when your back pack is full with 7KG of clothes and goodies, is it comfortable on your shoulders and back?


Taking the above into consideration and many hours later, the Backpack that we decided upon was the Osprey Farpoint 40L


Pictures of packing ect.

  1. Picture of hand putting items in the bag
  2. What did we pack (With links)?
  3. Link to list

As with all adventures it starts with Planning, not least the more mundane task of airport parking.

This is us in the long stay car park at Heathrow. Do your homework and get the best price together with what what works best for you.

We found that Heathrow Long Stay Parking worked best for us, as it offered not just parking off site (Park and ride) for the more budget conscious of us, but also Meet and Greet, which in most cases only works out a little more that Park and Ride!

TAKE A PICTURE!! of the area and row number you are parked in, you will always have your phone with you but may loose a piece of paper you have hurriedly scribbled a note on. This will save both time and hear ache on your return journey.

Our Airline of choice was Qatar Airlines. Our  choice was made based on the outward bound times, Length of flight, return times and price.

We have also flown with Malaysian Airlines to Bali in the past but found  Qatar Airlines to be slightly better in terms of quality.

A great place to start looking for your flight would be Flight Scanner,

Once you have booked your flight, download your QR code (See example to the left), this will save you having to produce your tickets all of the time as you pass through the many gates before departure.



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